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The photos that Pistorius couldn't bear to see: Court shown the trail of blood that led through athlete's house after he shot dead his lover

Horrific pictures following the trail of blood through Oscar Pistorius's house were shown at his murder trial today - including one of his girlfriend's corpse that made the athlete throw up in the dock.

The court was guided through dozens of graphic police photographs from the Paralympian's cocked 9mm pistol he used to kill Reeva Steenkamp to the blood-splattered bathroom where she was shot.

Blood was found on the floors, walls, stairs and chairs by one of two police officers who arrived on scene to find Pistorius in a 'very emotional' state in the aftermath of the killing.

An image of Miss Steenkamp's blood-covered body and skull was also accidentally displayed on the court monitors when the operator was scrolling through the pictures.

It brought gasps from the public gallery and Pistorius began violently retching before being handed a green bucket which he vomited into



Grim: The court was shown this picture of the 9mm pistol used to kill Miss Steenkamp as it was found by the first police officer on the scene. The hammer was still cocked with the safety catch removed, the trial heard

Splatter: Pistorius says he used the bat to break down the door to get to his model girlfriend after shooting her, he claims, by mistake thinking she was a burglar

Evidence: This picture of Pistorius's blood-stained prosthetic legs was used by his defense lawyer in a bid to show that the athlete was wearing them, as he says, when he broke down the toilet door with a cricket bat

Crime scene: This image shows the bathroom where Pistorius fired the fatal shots and the toilet in the background where Miss Steenkamp was hit by three bullets

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